Biden Blasted: Trump Lawyers Uncover Collusion Bombshell!

Former President Donald Trump's legal team has provided proof of Biden White House involvement in the classified materials case against him, a shocking development. Judge Cannon questioned the special counsel's trial dates and the DOJ's tactics at a classified materials hearing, according to Julie Kelly.

After the classified document indictment, Trump's lawyers presented a June 2023 letter requesting the Department of Energy to revoke his active security clearance during the court. This letter proposes collaboration between the Biden White House, NARA, the DOJ, and intelligence agencies to choose materials for Special Counsel Jack Smith's Trump indictment.

The legal disputes involving Trump, who recently criticized his case in a New York City courthouse, are now more complicated. He has attacked the case's contradictions and advocated for its dismissal, arguing that it was unfounded and should never have been launched.

If confirmed, this evidence could show a coordinated effort to target the former President, changing the case. Furthermore, it casts doubt on the entire Espionage Act of 1917 prosecution against Trump. Trump denies misconduct and claims Presidential Records Act authority to declassify records.

Legal analysts say linking the Biden administration to the indictment decision-making will weaken Trump's argument. Conservatives worry about official prejudice because such coordination could indicate a larger conspiracy against the former President.

Written by Staff Reports

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