Biden Bombarded by Interns – Demand Middle East Peace Now!

A group of White House interns has delivered a stern letter to President Joe Biden, demanding a permanent ceasefire between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization. The interns, numbering over 40, accused Biden of ignoring the pleas of the American people and called for the release of all hostages, including Palestinian political prisoners. They also demanded an end to “Israeli apartheid” in the region. The letter, which was shared by NBC News, was signed by anonymous interns from the Fall 2023 White House and Executive Office of the President cohort.

As usual, the liberal left is resorting to emotional pleas and false narratives to push their agenda. The letter claims that the interns are acting on behalf of the American people, but who are they to speak for all Americans? It’s clear that they are simply parroting the talking points of the radical left, without taking into account the complexities of the situation.

It’s worth noting that these interns chose to remain anonymous, which raises questions about the validity of their concerns. If they truly believed in the righteousness of their cause, why wouldn’t they proudly put their names to the letter? It seems that they are more interested in scoring political points than in achieving a meaningful resolution to the conflict.

Furthermore, they refer to “Israel’s mass slaughter of innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip,” perpetuating the false narrative that Israel is solely responsible for the violence. They conveniently ignore the fact that Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization, has been firing rockets at Israeli civilians for years. Israel has the right to defend itself against these attacks, and any criticism should be directed towards Hamas, not towards Israel.

It’s clear that these interns are simply regurgitating the anti-Israel rhetoric that has become so prevalent on the left. They are more interested in virtue signaling to their progressive peers than in understanding the complexities of the situation. It’s a shame that they are using their positions at the White House to push their biased agenda, instead of focusing on the important work they were supposed to be doing.

Written by Staff Reports

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