Biden Border Crisis Hits New Low: Worst February on Record!

In a recent report, the border numbers on President Biden’s watch hit a record-breaking high, making it the worst February ever. This, in combination with the mishandling and dismissal of 200,000 deportation cases against illegal immigrants, is causing quite the stir. The number of unlawful entries has skyrocketed since Biden took office, with each year surpassing the last. In total, about 10 million illegal crossings have occurred under Biden’s administration, with nearly two million of those being individuals who got away without being caught. One can only imagine how many dangerous individuals have slipped through the cracks and entered the country unchecked.

The blame for this ongoing catastrophe lies solely on the shoulders of President Biden and his team. Despite the overwhelming evidence of their failure, the White House’s main excuse is to blame Congress for not passing a flawed bill years into the crisis. Furthermore, they have the audacity to mumble about the state of Texas. Karine Jean Pierre’s recent remarks only add more confusion to the situation. She tried to shift the blame onto Republican Governor Abbott, claiming that the Texas National Guard was making the job of Border Patrol more difficult. However, Governor Abbott has been working tirelessly to secure the border, something the federal government has failed to do.

The recent video footage of immigrants overwhelming the Texas National Guard sparked a response from the White House, where they tried to blame Donald Trump and Republicans for the situation. Their attempt to shift blame and gaslight the public is truly pathetic. Instead of taking responsibility for their own disastrous policies, they are resorting to pointing fingers and making excuses. This administration’s lack of accountability is astonishing. It’s no wonder why experts have leaned strongly towards the left of the political spectrum and have endorsed their aggressive misinformation. The Biden administration needs to be held accountable for the crisis at the border and take immediate action to rectify their own failures.

Written by Staff Reports

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