Biden Bumbles: Tries to Control Israel, Bibi Shuts Him Down!

In a recent trainwreck of an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart, Joe Biden stumbled over his words like a toddler on roller skates. The main topic? Israel’s battle against Hamas.

Instead of standing firmly with our ally Israel in their fight against terrorism, Biden decided to criticize them, suggesting they needed to do more to prevent casualties in Gaza. Seriously, Joe? Maybe focus on securing our own borders before giving unsolicited advice to Israel. But no, Biden had to draw a “red line” in the sand, because apparently he missed the memo that red lines without action are meaningless (thanks, Obama).

His attempt to pressure Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by hinting at a “come to Jesus” moment was laughable. Newsflash, Joe: Bibi isn’t going to bend to your will just because you can’t remember which state you’re in.

Now, reports are surfacing that the Biden administration is trying to push Netanyahu out of power. Of course, this isn’t the first time Democrats have stuck their noses where they don’t belong – remember when Obama tried to influence Israeli elections using our tax dollars? Classic move by the left.

But Bibi isn’t falling for it. He knows Biden’s game and isn’t afraid to call him out. Netanyahu made it clear that he’s not pushing his own agenda but rather acting on behalf of the majority of Israelis who support strong action against threats like Hamas. Take notes, Joe – leadership means standing up for your people, not cozying up to terrorists.

So, while Biden fumbles around trying to manipulate foreign leaders, he’s actually boosting Bibi’s reputation back home. Way to go, Joe! Keep up the good work making Netanyahu look like the hero here.

Written by Staff Reports

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