NY Liberals’ $2,600 Handouts to Ex-Cons: Taxpayer Funded Crime Lottery?

In the Big Apple, there’s a controversial proposal swirling around that’s making waves in the political seas. State Senator Kevin Parker and Assemblyman Eddie Gibbs are cooking up a scheme to hand out a sweet $2,600 to those leaving the slammer’s embrace. Yep, you heard that right. It’s like a parting gift, but with taxpayer dough. Can you believe it? It’s like winning the crime lottery! Well, folks, buckle up because this is the topsy-turvy world of liberal “justice.”

Now, hold onto your hat because there’s more to this tale. They say this wad of cash is meant to help former inmates get back on their feet and stay out of trouble. But hold on just a minute, pardner! Could it be that giving criminals a fat stack of bills is just asking for trouble? That’s what Republican State Senator George Borrello thinks. He’s not buying into this whole “crime pays” scenario. And guess what? He’s got a point!

I mean, for crying out loud, why are we dishing out cash to folks who couldn’t keep their noses clean in the first place? If you ask old George, these criminals made their bed, so let them lie in it. And hey, what about the victims? Do they get a cut of this cash pie? Nope, it’s all about handouts for the lawbreakers and tough luck for the folks who play by the rules. How’s that for a slap in the face?

And hey, let’s take a spin around the country, shall we? Look at places like California and Illinois. It’s like a crime circus out there! These so-called “reform” policies are turning the justice system on its head. They’re making it rain cash for criminals while law-abiding citizens like you and me are left scratching our heads. It’s as if common sense took a long vacation and left us all holding the bag.

So, next time you hear about some wild scheme to hand out cash to ex-cons, remember this tale from New York. It’s a cautionary fable about what happens when liberals try to play judge and jury with your hard-earned money. And if you see State Senator Parker or Assemblyman Gibbs, tell them to keep their hands out of your wallet! Because in the world of crime and punishment, it shouldn’t be a payday for the crooks—it should be justice for the victims. Eye for an eye, right?

Written by Staff Reports

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