Biden Bumbles Virtual Event: Jill’s Poker Face Says It All

After the State of the Union address, where Joe Biden was reportedly looking a bit too peppy for comfort, it seems like we’ve come full circle back to the regular sleepy Joe we know and love to pick on. Biden was at a virtual event over the weekend, and boy oh boy, was it a struggle for him to keep up with that teleprompter. He couldn’t even stick to the right tenses, making a mess of talking about vaccinating America like it was something he singlehandedly accomplished. Spoiler alert: it was actually Trump who got the ball rolling on that one, but don’t expect old Joe to give credit where credit is due. Instead, he’s just obsessed with forcing people to get the jab, flexing his authoritarian muscle.

And if you thought Biden’s performance was cringeworthy, take a gander at Jill’s face standing there beside him. The poor woman looks like she’s counting down the seconds until she can escape. Rumor has it she’s the one who pushed him to run for office all because of her disdain for Trump. So, now she’s stuck watching her husband stumble through speeches like a toddler clown at a birthday party.

Some folks are comparing Biden to Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons,” and let’s be real, the resemblance is uncanny. Just watch him fumble through a talking point while Jill tries her best to keep a poker face. He’s babbling about national security while letting any Tom, Dick, and Harry waltz over the southern border unchecked. It’s like the irony is lost on him entirely.

Then, Biden starts spouting off about not letting Republicans “win the past.” Uh, Joe, hate to break it to you, but you can’t change history, bud. Maybe focus on not messing up the present and future first before you try rewriting the past. But hey, who needs logic when you’ve got a never-ending well of hatred for the other side to draw from, right?

And just to cap it all off, Biden scurries back to Delaware for another mini-vacation, navigating those low steps like a champ. So, to all the lefties who were cheering him on after the SOTU, good luck spinning this disaster into something remotely positive. Joe’s gaffes and struggles are on full display, and it ain’t pretty.

Written by Staff Reports

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