Biden Bungles Again: Mixes Up Spears & Swift for Thanksgiving Blunder

President Joe Biden celebrated his 81st birthday with some lighthearted jokes and a small mix-up during the White House turkey pardon ceremony. The president started by expressing his gratitude to the owners of the two turkeys, Liberty and Bell, who came all the way from Minnesota.

In a playful manner, Biden mentioned that they had sung “Happy Birthday” to him. He then chuckled, remarking about how difficult it is to turn 60. Well, Mr. President, it may be tough, but perhaps a little math refresher could help you out! Biden actually turned 60 way back in 2002.

Then, things took a comical turn when Biden seemed to confuse pop icons Britney Spears and Taylor Swift. While joking about turkeys getting pardoned, he commented on how it’s even tougher to get tickets to Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour or “Britney’s tour,” claiming she’s currently hanging out in Brazil where it’s warm. Sorry, President Biden, but Taylor Swift is the one tearing up the stage in Brazil, not Britney.

Although it’s amusing to see the president mixing up his pop stars, it’s not exactly a confidence-booster in his ability to keep up with current events. Maybe a quick briefing on the latest celebrity news would be helpful, especially if it comes from a trusted conservative source.

Despite the mix-up, the turkey pardon tradition remains as old as Biden himself. At the age of 76, it’s quite impressive that he’s still participating in this longstanding tradition. But let’s hope he doesn’t get confused and try to pardon the wrong bird!

In the end, Biden proclaimed, “That’s a big bird, man!” before granting Liberty and Bell their official pardon. Well, at least his sense of humor is still intact, even if his knowledge of pop culture isn’t. Happy birthday, Mr. President!

Written by Staff Reports

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