Biden Bungles Anthem, Touts Absurd Railway Plans: Is He Fit for Office?

In yet another example of his mental and physical inconsistency, President Joe Biden made a fool of himself once again, this time during a visit with the Indian Prime Minister. It was a shameless display of ignorance when the President confused the Indian National Anthem for our own. This gaffe, along with his recent falls and numerous verbal stumbles, raise serious concerns about Biden’s mental capacity and clarity.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the President continues to push his ridiculous plans for a railway connecting the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean. It’s a phony pipe dream that makes absolutely no sense, and yet he persists in repeating it. Maybe it’s time for Biden’s handlers to step in and put an end to his embarrassing and senseless public remarks.

Perhaps it’s not all his fault, as evidenced by his recent incoherent rambling during the League of Conservation Voters’ annual fundraising dinner. Judging by his confused statements, it was clear that Biden didn’t know where he was or what he was talking about. This is simply not acceptable for someone holding the highest office in the land.

It’s time for Jill Biden to step up and start making statements for her husband if he’s unable to do so coherently. Even broken Spanglish would be more appropriate than the embarrassing displays we’ve seen from the President recently. If we can’t even count on him to know which anthem to stand for, how can we trust him to lead our country?

Written by Staff Reports

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