Biden Condemns ICC Efforts Against Israel, Affirms Strong Support Amid Internal Party Tensions

President Joe Biden has decided to speak out against the International Criminal Court’s attempt to prosecute Israeli and Hamas leaders. This move by the ICC is seen as symbolic for non-member states, since enforcement without the state’s cooperation is unlikely.

Biden expressed clear opposition to the ICC’s actions, stating that what is happening is not genocide and condemning the arrest warrants sought by the prosecutor. He made it clear that the U.S. rejects the allegations against Israel made by the ICC and vowed the country’s unwavering support for Israel’s security.

This comes after previous lukewarm support for Israel from Biden, which some believe could impact his standing with Democratic voters. Several state primaries saw significant numbers of Democratic voters choosing the “uncommitted” option in protest of Biden’s support for Israel since the Hamas attack in October 7th.

Additionally, there have been protests at events featuring Biden, with some anti-Israel sentiments being expressed by students. The backlash over Biden’s support for Israel suggests a growing division within the Democratic base over the issue.

Moreover, there has been concern over increasing anti-Semitism on the left, with some attributing it to the narrative against Islamophobia in schools and colleges. Biden now faces the challenge of maintaining the narrative of Islamophobia while trying to convince his base that the Jews are not the oppressors.

In light of these developments, there is growing concern about the 2024 election and the future of American values. Former U.S. national security advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn warned about the uncertainty of the upcoming election, emphasizing its importance for the future of America.

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