Raisi Dead: But Biden’s Weakness Lets Iran’s Terror Reign Continue

The world is shaking in its boots as the news of Ebrahim Raisi’s demise spreads like wildfire. The Butcher of Tehran has finally faced justice for his heinous crimes against humanity. However, despite this long overdue justice, Iran continues to wreak havoc in the region, thanks to Joe Biden’s weak leadership.

Raisi’s death brings a sense of relief to the countless innocent victims of his brutal regime. His blood-stained hands can no longer wield power and inflict terror on the Iranian people. But let’s not forget that it was the bold and decisive actions of the previous administration that put pressure on Iran’s murderous leadership. 

Unfortunately, Joe Biden’s spineless approach has emboldened the Iranian regime to continue its nefarious activities without fear of consequences.

Under Biden’s feeble leadership, Iran has been given free rein to expand its influence and support terrorism across the Middle East. It’s no wonder that Iran is flaunting its power and influence regionally, all thanks to Biden’s cowardice and appeasement. It’s a disgrace that the current administration is turning a blind eye to Iran’s malicious behavior, allowing them to strengthen their grip on the region.

The death of Raisi is a small victory in the battle against tyranny, but it’s clear that Iran’s belligerent actions will only persist as long as Biden continues to cower in the face of evil. The United States needs a leader who will stand up to our adversaries and protect the interests of the American people and our allies. The world can’t afford to have a president who bows down to dictators and terrorists. It’s time for real leadership, not weakness and capitulation.

Written by Staff Reports

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