Biden Ducks Trump Debate, Hides Behind Legal Excuses – What’s He Afraid Of?

The Democrats are at it again, folks! Joe Biden, their chosen one, is resorting to some sneaky strategies to avoid facing President Trump in a debate. Can you believe it? The former vice president is so scared of going toe-to-toe with the Commander-in-Chief that he’s already making excuses to back out.

It seems that Joe is banking on President Trump being “found guilty” of something so he can weasel his way out of a debate by claiming he can’t face a “felon.” Talk about a slick shtick to avoid facing the music, right? This is just another desperate ploy by the Democrats to cover up Joe’s shortcomings and faltering poll numbers. 


It’s clear that Joe Biden is not willing to stand up and defend his radical leftist agenda in a fair and open debate. Instead, he’s hiding behind the possibility of President Trump being “found guilty” to avoid getting grilled on his own record. But we won’t let him get away with it! The American people deserve to see the two candidates spar on the issues, and Joe shouldn’t be allowed to chicken out.

It’s time for Joe Biden to stop hiding and start facing the music. If he’s so confident in his policies and vision for America, then why is he so afraid of debating President Trump? The American people see through this charade, and they won’t be fooled by Joe’s cowardly antics. Let’s hold Joe accountable and demand that he step up to the plate and debate like a true leader!

Written by Staff Reports

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