Biden Expose: Key Investigator Quits DOJ, Ready to Spill Secrets in Congress!

In a shocking turn of events that will surely have the left in a tizzy, Special Counsel Robert Hur, a key player in the investigation into Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, has officially bid adieu to the Department of Justice. And guess what? He’s not just fading into the background; he’s ready to spill the beans before Congress as a free agent, unshackled by those pesky DOJ rules.

Now, if you’ve been keeping an eye on the news, you might have heard some rumblings from the usual suspects over at The Independent. Those folks are claiming that Hur strategically hightailed it out of the DOJ just in time to avoid the moral binds that govern federal prosecutors. Oh, the drama! And get this – they’re also insinuating that Hur has packed his entourage with Republican loyalists and Trump allies in preparation for his big show.

But hold the phone, folks! Before you buy into The Independent’s tale, let’s break it down. One of these so-called Trump acolytes, Sarah Isgur, is now a writer over at The Dispatch, and she’s no card-carrying member of the Trump fan club. In fact, she’s denied any involvement in coaching Hur for the congressional hot seat, throwing a big bucket of cold water on The Independent’s fiery claims.

And what about this other guy, attorney Bill Burck? Sure, he’s had a hand in defending a few Trump team players during that whole Russia fiasco, but he’s been a respected legal eagle in Republican circles for eons. So, if he’s lending a hand to Hur during his time in the spotlight, should anyone really bat an eye? Let’s keep our heads on straight, folks.

Now, let’s set the record straight. According to Max Cohen at Punchbowl News, Hur had actually left the DOJ the week prior, not on the date The Independent is crowing about. And get this – he packed his bags because he had finished up his duties as special counsel, not because of some grand conspiracy as the left would have you believe.

So, with the truth out there on the table, get ready for the liberal spin machine to go into hyperdrive, trying to distract you from the real issues at hand. But here at RedState, we’ve got our eyes wide open, ready to call out the hoopla and get to the bottom of the matter. Stay tuned, patriots!

Written by Staff Reports

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