Debunked: Trump’s Wild Jan 6 Tale; Secret Service Driver Exposes Swamp Cover-up

In a shocking turn of events, the wild allegations against former President Trump regarding the January 6 incident have been debunked faster than a squirrel stealing a nut. It was claimed by a former aide to Mark Meadows that Trump went full-on road rage and tried to commandeer the steering wheel of his presidential vehicle to go wreak havoc at the Capitol. Like really, can you imagine, folks?

But hold onto your MAGA hats because a secret service driver, who was probably too busy saving the country from real threats to bother with these baseless accusations, has come forward to set the record straight. Apparently, Trump didn’t even break a nail, let alone try to stage a coup from the driver’s seat. The only crime he committed was having a bit of irritation in his voice, which last time anyone checked is not a felony.

Now, it makes you wonder, just how deep does this swamp go? Why was this crucial testimony hidden away like Hillary’s emails? Oh, right, the “bipartisan” committee led by Liz “I’ll never be as popular as my dad” Cheney and Adam “I have the charisma of a soggy cracker” Kinzinger conveniently swept it under the rug.

To top it off, this Cassidy Hutchinson character spun a yarn so tall, it could double as a presidential toupee. She claimed Trump was like a toddler throwing a tantrum, attempting to steer the ship of state towards chaos. Sorry, but last time anyone checked, President Trump wasn’t auditioning for a remake of “The Fast and the Furious.”

Thankfully, the truth is slowly emerging like a daffodil in spring. The real coup was the theatrics of the Jan. 6 Committee, a charade more staged than a community theater production of “Hamilton.” Liz Cheney and her merry band of sore losers couldn’t find the truth if it smacked them in the face with a bald eagle.

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