Biden Exposed: Shocking Role in Hunter’s China Deals Uncovered!

The latest transcripts released by the House Ways and Means Committee have peeled the curtain back on Joe Biden’s shocking involvement in his son Hunter’s dodgy foreign dealings. The report reveals that Hunter Biden spoke to one of his Chinese paymasters, Henry Zhao, on WhatsApp back in 2017 and said with his father sitting beside him, “I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled.” The revelation is huge and raises serious questions about Joe Biden’s complicity.

Zhao was instrumental in brokering a major investment deal with Chinese backers that funneled big bucks to Hunter Biden and his associates. What is worse is that Zhao is suspected to be a Chinese spy and is known to have deep ties to the Chinese communist party. It is no surprise that the FBI took its sweet time to verify the message.

The message also hints at Hunter Biden wanting to speak to “the chairman,” referring to Ye Jianming, who co-founded CEFC China Energy, the firm that partnered with Hunter Biden. CEFC was embroiled in a bribery scandal in 2017. The whistleblower who testified on the matter to the IRS also discloses a worrying revelation that the FBI covered up all possible evidence linking Joe Biden to criminal activities.

There is further evidence to suggest that Joe Biden may have influenced the Chinese deal critical to Hunter Biden’s profits. The whistleblower recounts a Four Seasons where Vice President Biden showed up to meet CEFC officials, and Hunter Biden spoke to his father about it earlier, hoping to enhance his chances of a deal. The FBI agent probing the matter hurries past this lead.

Even more damning is the Assistant US Attorney Leah Wolfe’s orders to not ask any questions linking “the big guy” or “dad” to the Chinese scandal. Such clear cut instructions to evade any implication of Joe Biden in criminal wrongdoing is a damning indictment and reeks of a cover-up.

All of this points to serious corruption and wrongdoing perpetrated by the Biden family. The DOJ must take swift and decisive action; otherwise, it is clear that Biden’s cronies have infiltrated every branch of the government and are manipulating it to favor their interests. American democracy is at stake, and we must fight to protect it.

Written by Staff Reports

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