Biden Flip-Flops on Houthi Terror Status After Epic Blunder

In an unsurprising turn of events, the Biden administration has backtracked on their decision to revoke the terrorist organization label from the Iran-backed Houthi rebels, after realizing that it was a catastrophic mistake. This reversal comes after the initial move to strip the Houthis of their official terrorist status, which was met with harsh criticism and dire consequences. The Houthis have been wreaking havoc in the Red Sea, disrupting international shipping, and openly threatening the United States, all while receiving unwavering support from Iran.

After a barrage of public outcry and a display of national security incompetence, reports have surfaced indicating that the Biden administration has conceded to relist the Houthis as a terrorist group. However, this so-called change still lacks the bold and resolute approach of the Trump administration’s previous classification. Even worse, the new designation won’t even take effect for another month, leaving Americans and international interests vulnerable to the imminent threat posed by the Houthis.

The highly-anticipated shift is a weak and feeble attempt by the Biden administration to save face after their ill-advised decision to remove the Houthis from the terrorist list in the first place. When questioned about the egregious error in judgment, the administration’s response was brazen and laughable, showing a complete disregard for the gravity of their mistake. The Biden administration’s foreign policy has been riddled with blunders and missteps, leaving the nation and its allies in a state of peril.

In a feeble attempt to deflect from their glaring incompetence, the Biden administration is scrambling to rectify their disastrous policies. The fact remains that their reckless actions have emboldened America’s enemies and plunged the world into chaos. It’s time for the Biden administration to acknowledge their failures and take decisive action to protect American interests and national security.

Written by Staff Reports

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