Biden Inner Circle Shaken: Associate Hit with Harassment Claims!

In the latest White House scandal, several current and former officials have rallied to the defense of Anthony Bernal, an assistant to the president and senior adviser to the first lady who has been accused of sexual harassment. These allegations, brought to light by a report in the New York Post, have stirred quite the commotion in Washington.

The report claims that Bernal has been making lewd and inappropriate comments, including gossiping about people’s personal lives and making crude remarks about their private parts. The most shocking revelation is that Bernal is allegedly shielded from consequence due to his close ties with First Lady Jill Biden. This has led many to question the integrity and ethics of the Biden administration.

However, in true partisan fashion, Fox News has reported that several current and former White House officials are coming to Bernal’s defense, vouching for his character and professionalism. These defenders argue that Bernal is an outstanding and dedicated individual, and they have never witnessed the behavior described in the allegations.

Former chief of staff to President Joe Biden, Ron Klain, has also chimed in, claiming that in his nearly three decades of working with Bernal, he has always seen him act with the utmost professionalism and compassion toward his colleagues. These testimonials have sparked a heated debate about the credibility of the accusations against Bernal and the possible ulterior motives behind them.

The Biden administration has been marred by controversy, with a history of staffers facing allegations of misconduct. In February 2021, TJ Ducklo, a White House communications staffer, was forced to resign over a verbal harassment allegation. The pattern of inappropriate behavior within Biden’s inner circle raises serious concerns about the administration’s commitment to upholding moral and ethical standards.

The Washington Examiner reached out to the White House for comment, but given the administration’s track record, the public remains skeptical about the transparency and genuineness of any response they might offer. As the allegations against Bernal continue to unfold, the spotlight on the Biden White House’s handling of misconduct allegations only grows brighter.

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