Biden Institute Brings Chinese Cash to U of Delaware

Last month, the discovery of classified documents at the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Biden Center generated significant media attention. Additionally, reports indicated that the center received millions of dollars in donations from China following its establishment, drawing focus to other colleges associated with Biden and their significant influx of donations from Chinese sources.

Research by the Government Accountability Institute showed that the University of Delaware (UD) received $6.7 million in private donations from China after establishing the Biden Institute in March 2017. The purpose of the institute was to hold an annual conference at UD, modeled after events like the World Economic Forum and the Aspen Institute. Joe Biden expressed his desire to make a positive impact on the nation and acknowledged the exceptional faculty and staff at the university as the ideal collaborators to achieve this goal.

The University of Delaware had not received any donations from China before the inception of the Biden Institute. However, soon after its creation, an anonymous Chinese donor contributed $3,204,070 to the university. This was followed by another anonymous Chinese donor who gave $1,869,515 eight months later, and a third donation of $624,904 arrived a year after that. In 2020, the university received three more anonymous donations from China, with a total value of $1,005,761, most of which were made after Joe Biden was declared the president-elect.

As per Breitbart, the University of Delaware’s acceptance of substantial donations from China coincided with the involvement of Biden family members in multi-million dollar business deals with individuals associated with Chinese intelligence. Investigative journalist Peter Schweizer discovered that Hunter Biden had a relationship with Che Feng, whom Hunter referred to as “The Super Chairman.” Che was a business ally of Ma Jian, who served as China’s deputy minister of state security. In his book “Red-Handed,” Schweizer highlighted the dangers associated with a Chinese businessman who has close ties to Beijing’s top spy agency conducting financial transactions with the son of a U.S. vice president, underscoring the potential national security and ethical concerns that should have been raised in Washington.

The revelation of Chinese donations being made to the University of Delaware and other institutions connected to the Biden family has sparked concerns about the potential impact of foreign entities on American politics. It is evident that additional scrutiny is necessary to uncover any possible impropriety and gain a comprehensive understanding of this issue.

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