Biden Panders to Black Voters for 2024 Election Boost

In a move that will help boost his approval ratings among African-Americans, US President Joe Biden will establish a national monument to Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley. The memorial will be placed in Mississippi and Illinois.

The first memorial site will be at Chicago's Roberts Temple Church of Christ. The second will be at Graball Landing, where Till's corpse was found in Mississippi. Finally, there will be a memorial at the courthouse where his killers were eventually acquitted.

According to White House Press Secretary, Jean-Pierre, the Emmett Till monument will help to honor the memory of the murdered civil rights icon and to protect his story. The Harris and Biden administrations believe that this project will help to advance civil rights.

Despite making numerous campaign promises to the African-American community, Biden has been unable to deliver on many of these. Some of these include passing legislation that would allow African-Americans to vote and reforming the police. According to a recent poll, only 34% of African-Americans believe that his agenda has helped them, and 14% think it's harming them.

The president's approval rating has been declining since the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. This has affected his support among various groups, such as Hispanics and white voters. Since January 2021, his rating among these groups has dropped significantly. The economy is also a major factor that has affected his approval ratings.

Despite the negative sentiment that some people are experiencing about the country's economy, the White House is still focused on its long- term vision. One of the reasons why Biden decided to establish a national monument to Till and his mother was to help address racial issues.

The decision by Biden to establish a national monument in honor of Till and his mother is symbolic, as it aims to address racial issues in the country's history. But, his approval ratings among African-American voters have slipped, and more work needs to be done to repair his relationship with them.

Written by Staff Reports

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