Harvard-Harris Poll Shocker: Trump Outshines Biden and DeSantis!

In the aftermath of the riveting and highly-anticipated Family Leadership Summit forum, where some of the Republican contenders had the opportunity to showcase their views alongside the charismatic Tucker Carlson, the polls have experienced quite a shake-up!

The newest poll from the eminent Harvard Harris institution, which was released on a glorious Friday, reveals that the esteemed former President Donald Trump is completely dominating the competition with an astounding 52 percent. In a distant second, we have the promising Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, trailing behind at a mere 12 percent. Now, hold on to your hats, folks, because there’s more! Rising star Vivek Ramaswamy has surged to a respectable 10 percent in the polls. This surge in support for Mr. Ramaswamy is echoed in another poll, which had previously shown him neck and neck with DeSantis at 12 percent. Talk about a wild ride!

But that’s not all! Our beloved Trump is not only leading within the Republican field, but he’s also got a sizable lead over President Joe Biden in the general election by a remarkable 5-point margin. Yes you heard it right, folks! Even with all the legal hocus-pocus swirling around him, Trump still manages to stay ahead of the game. Some naysayers dared to suggest that Trump’s legal troubles might deter independent voters. But lo and behold! This poll shows that Trump is winning over independents as well, beating Biden by a whopping 18 points. Take that, doubters!

Trump’s triumph doesn’t end there. According to the poll, he would trounce Kamala Harris by an even larger margin of 9 points. No wonder she and Biden are sticking together for now. And let’s not forget about the gazillion-dollar question: What happens if Trump decides not to run? Well, fear not, dear conservatives, as Ron DeSantis emerges as the clear and undisputed choice of GOP voters in that scenario. It seems like the DeSantis train just keeps on chugging!

The poll also sheds light on the growing concerns among voters. A whopping 68 percent believe that Biden is too old to hold the highest office in the land, and 64 percent say he shouldn’t even bother running for re-election. Can you blame them? Day after day, we witness his incoherence on full display, and even the most creative spin doctor can’t hide that. It’s only going to get worse, folks! Just look at his recent remarks in Philadelphia and his take on artificial intelligence. We’re in for a wild ride!

Written by Staff Reports

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