Biden Retreats on EV Mandate Madness – Finally a Sane Decision?

Joe Biden, in a sudden burst of reason, has backtracked on his crazy plan to force everyone into electric vehicles (EVs). The New York Times reports that Biden’s administration has waved the white flag on their push for EV production targets, citing pressure from automakers and labor unions. It seems like the Democrats are finally waking up to the fact that their climate policies were crazier than a squirrel on a sugar rush.

The administration is now giving car manufacturers more time to meet their EV goals, with a major increase in sales not mandated until after 2030. It’s about time they realized that you can’t just snap your fingers and make everyone drive electric cars overnight. It’s almost as if they forgot that most Americans still prefer good ol’ gas-guzzlers!

Biden’s change of heart comes as he faces reelection and tries to tackle climate change. He wants to cut emissions from gas-powered vehicles, but he’s also trying to keep the folks in the auto industry and labor unions happy. It’s a delicate dance, trying to please everyone while still pretending that EVs are the answer to all our problems.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had proposed some insane targets for the EV market, including a requirement that two-thirds of car sales must be electric by 2032. Who in their right mind thought that was possible? It’s no wonder that car manufacturers were shaking their heads in disbelief at these ludicrous demands.

Consumer demand for EVs has been lower than expected, with major players like Ford announcing massive losses on their electric offerings. Meanwhile, companies like Toyota, who stuck with hybrids, are raking in the profits. It’s almost like common sense prevails in the end. And let’s not forget that EVs aren’t as eco-friendly as they’re cracked up to be. The truth is starting to shine through the greenwashing facade.

But hey, it’s not all bad news for EV enthusiasts. Elon Musk’s Tesla is still kicking strong, even though he’s fallen out of favor with the Biden administration. Musk’s anti-Biden stance might just cost him those sweet government subsidies in a fit of Democratic retribution. It’s a cautionary tale of biting the hand that feeds you, especially when it’s slathered in government handouts.

Biden’s backpedaling on his EV dream is a sign of sanity prevailing over unrealistic climate policies. Maybe now they’ll focus on solutions that actually make sense, rather than chasing after green unicorns. Let’s hope they learn from this debacle and start putting practicality over political posturing.

Written by Staff Reports

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