Biden Shrugs Off Hawaii Wildfire Deaths, Liberal Media Stays Silent!

Joe Biden’s lack of empathy and failure to address the devastating Hawaii wildfires has left his reputation in ashes. The fires, possibly sparked by electrical wires in the midst of dangerous winds from a nearby hurricane, have resulted in over 100 deaths and billions of dollars in damages. Despite being directly asked about the death toll, Biden callously responded with a “no comment,” showing a disregard for the lives affected by this tragedy. While public pressure has finally prompted him to schedule a visit to the island, his initial refusal to acknowledge the situation speaks volumes.

What’s even more concerning is how the media has been complicit in burying this disastrous response from Biden. While he was enjoying a beach vacation, the news networks conveniently ignored his callousness and instead focused on trivial stories like local weather reports and a celebrity adoption controversy. It’s clear that the mainstream media is more interested in protecting Biden than holding him accountable for his actions.

Now that Biden has finally decided to show his face in Hawaii, one can only hope that it’s not just a politically calculated move. The president needs to take responsibility for the failures in addressing this crisis and provide real solutions for the recovery effort. It’s time for him to put his empathy into action rather than just using it as a campaign slogan.

But let’s not forget the bigger picture here. We can expect Biden and his allies to use this tragedy as an opportunity to push their climate change agenda. They will likely paint this as another example of the urgent need to combat global warming. While it’s important to address environmental issues, we need to be cautious of using every natural disaster as a political talking point. Let’s focus on the immediate needs of the people affected by the wildfires and not get distracted by the political theatrics that are sure to come.

Written by Staff Reports

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