Even Liberal Staff Turn Their Backs on Rampant Gascon Chaos

The city of Los Angeles is in chaos under the leadership of woke District Attorney George Gascon, and now even his own employees are feeling the effects. Former supporters of Gascon are turning against him, hiring personal security, and speaking out about the state of the city. Even bleeding-heart liberals who voted for Gascon are now realizing the consequences of his progressive policies. They are witnessing a surge in “smash and grab” robberies and an overall increase in crime without any consequences for the criminals.

Gascon’s refusal to prosecute and his leniency towards criminals have left businesses struggling and forced some to shut down. The city is being terrorized by these criminals who know they won’t face any serious repercussions. The situation has escalated to the point where even Gascon’s own employees feel unsafe. One of his staff members was assaulted by a homeless man, prompting the implementation of a transportation program that now strains their resources further.

Gascon’s approach to crime, including his refusal to charge misdemeanors and address the issue of homeless drug addicts, has only worsened the problem. The legalization of shoplifting under Prop 47 has incentivized criminal activity, as thieves face minimal consequences if they steal under a certain threshold. Gascon has also failed to seek sentence enhancements for gun charges, allowing violent criminals to return to the streets. Despite the obvious failure of Gascon’s leadership, he has managed to survive a recall attempt, highlighting the need for Californians to vote for change.

It is clear that Gascon’s progressive policies have only resulted in chaos and terror for the city of Los Angeles. It’s time for a change in leadership to prioritize the safety and well-being of its residents.

Written by Staff Reports

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