Biden Skates on Docs; Trump Demands Justice Parity!

In a recent decision not to charge President Biden for holding onto classified documents, Special Counsel Robert Hur has sparked outrage from former President Donald Trump. Trump is firing back, claiming that if Biden isn’t facing consequences, then all charges against him should be dropped immediately in the classified documents case. He argued that unlike Biden, he was protected by the Presidential Records Act and had his documents properly secured by the Secret Service.

Trump went on to assert that the case against Biden is “100 times more severe” and pointed out what he views as a double standard of justice. He also slammed Hur’s report, which described Biden as an “elderly man with a poor memory.” Trump sees this as damaging to Biden, suggesting that it reinforces the idea held by many Americans that Biden is too old for the presidency.

Furthermore, the Justice Department is being called on to release the transcript from the Special Counsel’s interview with President Biden, with the suggestion that it would shed light on Biden’s mental state. Trump also took to Truth Social to voice his opinion, urging Special Counsel Jack Smith to drop all litigation against him, framing it as a way to help unify the country and achieve a greater good for the nation.

In the eyes of Trump and his supporters, the decision not to charge Biden and the details of Hur’s report have only fueled their belief in a biased system of justice and a president who is unfit for the role.

Written by Staff Reports

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