Biden Speaks, Trump’s Truth Social Crashes—Silent Fact-Check Fail!

Former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social, the long-awaited conservative alternative to mainstream social media platforms, experienced technical difficulties just as President Joe Biden was gearing up to give his State of the Union address. As Biden was preparing to take the stage, Truth Social went down, leaving Trump without his preferred platform for delivering live commentary on Biden’s speech.

Trump had eagerly announced his plan to fact-check Biden’s State of the Union address in real time, taking to social media to promise a “LIVE, Play by Play” of what he referred to as “Crooked Joe Biden’s” speech. He vowed to swiftly correct any “inaccurate Statements,” particularly those related to immigration and the legal system, which Trump claimed were being used unfairly against him. Trump’s Wednesday announcement stirred excitement among his loyal followers, as he made it clear that he believed it was crucial for the public to receive what he deemed as the “TRUTH!”

Unfortunately for Trump, Truth Social’s system failures left him in limbo, unable to carry out his promised live fact-checking of the State of the Union. Without a stable platform to relay his commentary, Trump’s ability to counter Biden’s address was seriously compromised. As of now, it’s uncertain how Trump will proceed if Truth Social continues to struggle during the State of the Union.

The volatile situation has left Trump supporters eagerly awaiting his next move, while Biden’s speech proceeded without the expected live scrutiny from the former president. This ongoing story has undoubtedly stirred high emotions and intense reactions from both sides of the political aisle, and as the events continue to unfold, the nation eagerly anticipates a passionate response from Trump and his supporters. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this developing drama!

Written by Staff Reports

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