Squad Snubs Biden at SOTU, Silent on Applause and Bold in Protest

A handful of Democratic folks in Congress, particularly those from the progressive “Squad,” didn’t seem too excited about President Joe Biden’s grand entrance into the House chamber for his big State of the Union speech. While most members of Congress gave the president a round of applause, these Squad members were hesitant to join in on the clapping party. Representatives like Cori Bush, Rashida Tlaib, Summer Lee, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar decided to play the silent game, refusing to show their support for the president.

It’s not just about the hand clapping either, because some of them took it to a whole new level by wearing Palestinian keffiyehs, a clear sign of their disapproval of Biden’s backing of Israel in the conflict with Gaza. Tlaib, in particular, made her feelings crystal clear by staying firmly planted in her seat while everyone else was getting up and clapping.

The Squad members have been pushing for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and haven’t been shy about their criticism of Israel’s military actions following Hamas’s attack on the country. They’ve also been giving Biden a hard time over his handling of the whole situation. These peeps have caused quite a stir within the Democratic Party, even sparking some protest votes in Democratic primaries because of the prez’s stance on the whole Gaza conflict.

It looks like the president may have a little bit of trouble keeping everyone on the same page within his own party when it comes to foreign policy. These Squad members are definitely not afraid to make their voices heard, even if it means not clapping for the leader of their own party. Well, you know what they say, politics makes for strange bedfellows, but in this case, it seems pretty clear these folks aren’t planning on bunking up anytime soon.

Written by Staff Reports

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