Biden to Impose Sanctions on Russia for ‘War Crimes’

This week, President Biden and Russian leader Vladimir Putin both appeared to escalate tensions between Russia and the West. Biden visited Poland to rally support for Ukraine, a year after Russia’s invasion, and pledged to punish Russia for its actions by redoubling sanctions. Putin, on the other hand, suspended a nuclear arms treaty and blamed the West for using Ukraine to destroy Russia.

Biden’s sanctions have had an underwhelming impact on the Russian economy, which has only shrunk by 2 percent, much lower than the 15 percent Biden predicted. Despite this, Biden promised to double down on his sanctions during a speech in Warsaw. He also denied “plotting” to destroy Russia and placed the blame squarely on Putin for the continuation of the war.

Biden’s rejection of diplomacy in favor of continuous escalation has led to concern that he is drawing the U.S. into a potential world war. The 80-year-old president’s provocative rhetoric has done little to ease these worries. Biden’s trip to Poland came after an unannounced visit to Ukraine Monday, where he met with President Zelensky and promised unwavering support for “as long as it takes.”

In response to Biden’s remarks, Putin blamed the war on NATO’s eastward expansion and alleged that the West was using Ukraine as a tool to destroy Russia. He also dismissed Western sanctions that he said had not “achieved anything and will not achieve anything.”

The standoff between Russia and the West has been escalating for some time now, and this week’s events have done nothing to ease tensions. President Biden’s pledge to double down on sanctions and Putin’s withdrawal from the New START treaty are sure to have long-term consequences for both sides. The potential for a world war looms large, and it remains to be seen how these two leaders will navigate this precarious situation.

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