Biden’s Adviser Promises to Crush Defense Act for Lack of Wokeness!

Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, has made it clear that he will do everything in his power to block the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” with the always serious and never-a-laughing-matter Jake Tapper, Sullivan condemned House Republicans for their attempts to incorporate important domestic social debates into the bill.

Now, what exactly are these Republicans trying to do? Well, they want to put an end to the outrageous abuses imposed on the Department of Defense by the Biden administration and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. And what are these egregious abuses, you ask? Let me enlighten you. These Republican amendments aimed to prevent the Pentagon from providing “gender-affirming care” to transgender service members, covering travel and medical expenses for women seeking abortions in the military, and funding diversity and inclusion programs. Shocking, I know. How dare they try to keep our military focused on, you know, defending our nation?!

But here’s the kicker: even though the bill passed the House with a vote of 219-210, it’s highly unlikely to survive in the Senate. You see, the Democrats have some sort of magical power that allows them to strip away any controversial amendments they don’t like. So don’t worry, Biden will ultimately get to sign the bill into law, despite the best efforts of those pesky Republicans who actually care about our national defense.

Now, let’s talk about the real story here. It’s clear that Speaker McCarthy understands the important role played by the Freedom Caucus in the fight over these amendments. He knows that to get things done, he needs their support. And boy, are they ready to fight. The Freedom Caucus chairman, Scott Perry, boldly declared, “We are not going to relent, we are not going to back down, we’re not going to give up on the cause that is righteous!” Can’t you just feel the passion?

In a move that is sure to make liberals’ heads explode, Speaker McCarthy has even named Marjorie Taylor Greene to the conference committee that will negotiate with the Senate. Get ready for fireworks, folks!

So, while the Democrats may succeed in stripping the bill of its conservative amendments, the fight itself is going to be “damned interesting.” And who knows, maybe somewhere along the way, the Democrats will have to give up something in order to avoid the Defense Department limping along on a continuing resolution during an election year. Stranger things have happened.

Written by Staff Reports

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