Biden’s AG Garland Ditches Voter ID, Welcomes Free-for-All Elections!

Joe Biden’s lackey AG, Merrick Garland, is on a mission to turn America’s elections into a wild west show, ditching security measures like voter ID because apparently, preventing fraud is just too much for him to handle. This guy thinks making sure people are who they say they are before voting is a total drag – what’s next, no more passwords on your online accounts because typing a few extra characters is a real hassle?

During a theatrical performance at a church in Alabama, Garland complained about how tough it’s been for folks to prove their identity before casting a ballot. He’s basically saying, “Hey, let’s let anyone with a pulse and a pen vote, who cares if they’re real or not, as long as they tick the box with a ‘D’ next to it, right?” This kind of reckless attitude toward election integrity sets a dangerous precedent – might as well hand out free puppies with every vote while we’re at it, am I right?

Garland also took a swing at federal courts for actually, gasp, upholding common-sense measures like requiring ID to vote. He’s acting like asking for ID is some sort of government conspiracy to keep people from voting. News flash, Garland – most Americans, including a boatload of black voters, support having to show an ID before voting. It’s not about suppression; it’s about protection. Ever heard of it?

The Biden administration is losing its marbles over states trying to tighten up their voting laws after the circus that was the 2020 election. I mean, who wouldn’t want to prevent cheating and keep elections fair and square? But oh no, Garland and his pals are clutching their pearls, claiming this is an attack on civil rights. Please, spare us the melodrama, we’re not auditioning for a soap opera here.

In the end, Garland can huff and puff all he wants about fighting against voter ID and defending the “right” to cast a ballot without proving who you are, but at the end of the day, most Americans know that safeguarding our elections is crucial. So, keep dreaming, Garland – maybe one day, you’ll snap out of this fairy tale and join us in the real world where security matters, and playing fast and loose with our voting system is a recipe for disaster.

Written by Staff Reports

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