Biden’s Backdoor Bonanza: Illegals Trump Legals in Immigration Fiasco

By means of a "parole" system, the Biden administration has facilitated an influx of unauthorized immigrants into the United States, surpassing the number of individuals who enter lawfully with green cards. This irrational and irresponsible policy has inverted the immigration system and established a catastrophic covert immigration network.

In the first two quarters of fiscal year 2023 alone, more than 600,000 migrants have taken advantage of this exemption, according to an analysis of federal data. Presently, this unparalleled misuse of immigration parole authority permits a greater number of unauthorized immigrants to enter the United States than those who enter via the lawful immigration system. It is a train derailment that threatens public safety and national security.

This is entirely due to the complete disregard for the law on the part of the Biden administration, which has transformed a transitory and infrequently utilized parole program into an ostensible "new legal pathway" for individuals to enter and remain in the country permanently. However, let us be clear: these pathways are not lawful in any way. The authority to establish lawful channels for immigration resides solely with Congress. However, in spite of this, the Biden administration has established a system that surpasses the boundaries of lawful immigration by bypassing Congress.

As disclosed by FAIR, the parole system admits offenders such as Jose Ibarra, who is charged with the homicide of a nursing student in Georgia. The exploitation of a system intended for sparse use to apprehend individuals who pose a grave threat to American communities is an unmitigated travesty.

The parole system implemented during the Biden administration has facilitated the issuance of work permits and released thousands of illegal aliens without sufficient scrutiny. Even more egregious is the fact that a significant number of these parolees fail to appear in court, thereby further exploiting the system.

This parole abuse must be eradicated. The largest abuse of parole authority in the annals of immigration to the United States has been orchestrated by the Biden administration. Border and urban pandemonium, including that of New York, has ensued, placing a strain on resources and eroding the integrity of our country's borders. Congress must immediately intervene and end this perilous and irresponsible parole system in order to prevent irreparable harm.

Written by Staff Reports

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