Trump Trounces Biden: Hispanics Back Strong on Immigration!

President Joe Biden is facing a massive exodus of support from all corners of the nation as voters of all backgrounds are jumping ship due to his disastrous policies that are wreaking havoc on our beloved country.

During a recent broadcast on CNN, a group of panelists were left in disbelief when they learned that former President Trump is outpacing Biden on the crucial issue of immigration. Let’s be real, it’s no shocker given the fact that over 7 million illegal aliens have brazenly crossed our borders without consequence.

Even the liberal hosts on CNN were flabbergasted to discover that Hispanic voters are flocking to Trump, placing their trust in the Republican leader’s ability to tackle immigration and secure our southern border.

According to CNN data reporter Harry Enten, the margin of support for Trump among Hispanic voters on immigration issues is off the charts. A whopping 49 percent of Hispanic voters have expressed overwhelming confidence in Trump’s immigration policies, while a measly 24 percent have thrown their support behind Biden.

A recent USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll also confirmed that Hispanic voters are abandoning Biden in favor of Trump. Trump currently leads Biden among Hispanic voters by a commanding 39 percent to 34 percent, spelling impending doom for the Democrats’ hopes of retaining power.

In a devastating blow to Biden’s presidency, it has become crystal clear that the Hispanic vote, which was once a stronghold for Democrats, is now slipping through their fingers. In the 2020 election, Biden secured a 20-point lead among Hispanic voters, but that lead has now evaporated, leaving Democrats scrambling for a solution.

Many point to Biden’s self-inflicted border crisis as the primary reason for voters turning their backs on the president. A recent poll from Marquette University Law School revealed that Trump holds a jaw-dropping 30-point advantage over Biden on immigration and border security—a clear sign that the American people are fed up with Biden’s incompetence.

The CNN hosts reluctantly acknowledged that the majority of voters are deeply troubled by the ongoing immigration debacle that Biden has unleashed on the country. In fact, Biden’s handling of immigration has earned him a pitiful 32.6 percent approval rating, according to the RealClearPolling average—an abysmal performance by any measure.

As the Democratic ship continues to sink under Biden’s disastrous policies, it’s becoming increasingly evident that Trump’s leadership on immigration issues is resonating with voters of all backgrounds. With the 2022 midterm elections on the horizon, Biden and the Democrats are facing an uphill battle to regain the trust and support of the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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