Biden’s Botched Turkey Pardon: Can President Really Not Do Anything Right?

Joe Biden is currently incapable of shedding a tear, even in the most mundane circumstances. His staff appears to have implemented a "Bubble Wrap" technique in an attempt to halt his further stumbles, but let's be honest: bubble wrap can only do so much. Exactly wrapping his brain in plastic will not prevent it from shattering, correct? To the greatest extent that we would all desire to attempt.

One may recollect the difficulty he encountered during the military families' event at Naval Station Norfolk. He not only conveyed dubious statements to a young lady, such as his preference for children over individuals, but he also reiterated the identical fallacious account regarding his potential attainment of admission to the Naval Academy. Joe, we have certainly heard that one prior to this.

On Monday, he was assigned a straightforward task: pardoning poultry. It shouldn't be too difficult to pardon a few poultry, right? Joe Biden, however, managed to confound and confuse even that uncomplicated undertaking. Commencing by remarking that it was his birthday, he was unable to articulate himself in a coherent fashion. "They might even sing me a birthday song," he stated, followed by an odd chuckle. However, they would like us to believe that it is merely a delay.

Not to mention his misunderstanding with Minnesota either. During his exposition on the state's merits, he inadvertently substituted "a thousand lakes" for the renowned "Land of 10,000 Lakes." Oops. However, he attempted, so what?

However, the most puzzling aspect occurred when he discussed the poultry in question. Evidently, Liberty and Bell had to exert considerable effort, demonstrate perseverance, and travel more than a thousand miles in order to reach their destination. Certainly, that is acceptable. However, he veered off topic shortly thereafter, discussing the "RIPBritney's tour" and the balmy climate in Brazil, in addition to the Renaissance tour. What is this? We are still attempting to comprehend that particular matter.

And when a reporter ventured to inquire about the hostages, i.e., the individuals on whom he ought to have been concentrating, Biden replied, "I am not equipped to engage in conversation with you." Unruffled, Joe. Extremely silky. Still not to panic, as soon as the music began to play, he recognized his opportunity to leave. He made no effort to salute the marines as he proceeded at a leisurely pace. Possibly, he was merely exhibiting his strength as part of a "Bubble Wrap" maneuver to improve his appearance. However, it is evident that no amount of jogging can compensate for the absence of coherence.

Joe, it is therefore time to acknowledge that bubble wrap has its limitations. It may be prudent to reconsider your approach or, even better, delegate leadership to another individual. Simply a notion.

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