Bidens Busted: Tax Troubles Run in the Family!

The mainstream media is all abuzz with the latest scandal involving President Joe Biden’s family. It turns out that not only has his son, Hunter Biden, been in hot water for tax evasion, but now his daughter, Ashley Biden, has been caught red-handed with unpaid taxes. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as they say!

Sources have revealed that Ashley Biden owes a whopping $5,000 in unpaid income taxes dating all the way back to the time Joe Biden was vice president. That’s a lot of moolah! The tax lien, which is like a big red flag waving over her head, was obtained by Fox News, and it shows that Ashley has some serious explaining to do. But surprise, surprise, when the media reached out to her and her attorney for comment, they conveniently had nothing to say. Can you say “denial”?

Not only is this embarrassing for the Biden family, but it seriously calls into question the president’s credibility when it comes to talking about taxes. How can Joe Biden lecture the American people about paying their “fair share” when his own kids can’t seem to handle their own tax responsibilities? It’s quite the hypocritical mess, if you ask the conservative pundits.

And let’s not forget about Hunter’s tax evasion charges! It’s like a family affair at this point. With Hunter and Ashley both being caught with their hands in the cookie jar, it’s no wonder people are rolling their eyes at President Biden’s attempts to push his progressive tax policies. How can he expect Americans to take him seriously when his own family can’t seem to follow the rules?

All in all, it’s just another day in the Biden administration, where the family seems to have more drama than a daytime soap opera. But hey, at least the media can count on the Bidens for some juicy headlines!

Written by Staff Reports

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