Biden’s Cash Fuels Prosecutor on Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Team!

One of the lawyers working on the team of special counsel Jack Smith, David Rody, is a Democratic donor. Since he left his job at a law firm to become a part of the Department of Justice, he has given thousands of dollars to various politicians, such as Joe Biden. This raises concerns about his impartiality.

From 2018 to 2022, Rody gave thousands of dollars to various Democratic causes, including the campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden. He also contributed to the campaigns of other prominent politicians, such as Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. It’s troubling that he has a partisan bias, and this raises questions about his ability to prosecute Trump.

The revelation that the members of the special counsel's team are mainly interested in serving the interests of the Biden administration has raised concerns that they are biased. It's no surprise that they're being called "partisan hacks" and "dishonest." The American people deserve an impartial investigation.

Aside from Rody, other members of Smith's team have ties to the Democratic party. Karen Gilbert, one of the lead attorneys on Smith's team, is a former official for the Democratic Party and has given to Joe Biden. Katy Chevigny, Smith's wife, worked on a documentary about former first lady Michelle Obama. These connections raise serious questions about the team's ability to conduct a proper investigation.

The indictment of Trump by a DC grand jury further adds to the concerns about the special counsel's investigation. Trump has maintained that the charges are politically motivated. It's clear that the investigation is being carried out to punish him for political reasons.

The revelation that the presiding judge of the case, who is also a member of the special counsel team, gave to the campaigns of former President Barack Obama shows that there is a bias within the group. The American people have a right to know the truth about the investigation and whether or not it is politically motivated.

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