Mike Pence Betrays Trump, Faces Heat from Loyal GOP Voters

Former Vice President Mike Pence found himself the subject of ridicule and criticism from rally-goers in New Hampshire, who accused him of betraying former President Trump. The hecklers took issue with Pence’s decision not to support Trump’s efforts to challenge the 2020 election results, which Trump claims were stolen from him. Some even called him a traitor and a sell-out.

In response to the criticism, Pence defended his position, stating that he upheld the Constitution and challenged the hecklers to read it themselves. However, his words seemed to fall on deaf ears as the rally-goers continued to express their disappointment and anger towards him.

Pence’s relationship with Trump has also taken a hit in recent days, with the former vice president not pulling any punches in his criticism of his former boss. He tweeted that anyone who prioritizes themselves over the Constitution should not be president and that he always chooses the Constitution. This statement further fueled the rift between Pence and Trump.

Adding insult to injury, Pence has been trying to monetize the situation by selling merchandise with the slogan “I’m too honest,” a reference to Trump reportedly calling him “too honest” after learning of his opposition to a lawsuit regarding Pence’s authority to reject electoral votes. Despite his attempts, Pence is lagging far behind Trump in the polls, with a high unfavorable rating and low favorability numbers. It seems clear that the fallout from his disagreement with Trump has taken a toll on Pence’s popularity among GOP voters.

Written by Staff Reports

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