Biden’s Economic Plan Flops: America Rejects Halloween Smoke & Mirrors

No matter how hard the Biden administration tries to sell their economic plan, the American people just aren’t buying it. President Joe Biden continues to promote his economic priorities at the most inconvenient times, like right after the Hamas attack on Israel. And let’s not forget that he chose Halloween to give remarks on protecting Americans’ retirement security. Is he trying to distract us with costumes and candy?

Biden started his speech by thanking the AARP for their work in helping Americans achieve secure retirements. But Senator Rand Paul has exposed the AARP for being nothing more than a marketing tool for big health insurance companies and a supporter of Democratic candidates. It’s clear that the AARP is more interested in promoting their own interests than the well-being of seniors.

Then Biden had the audacity to suggest that Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su should be confirmed as the full-time Secretary of Labor. Why should we confirm someone who has been acting in the role for months without Senate approval? It’s like they’re trying to slide her into the position without anyone noticing. We see through their sneaky tactics.

But let’s get to the real content of Biden’s speech – his agenda. He once again repeated his tired lines about building an economy from the middle out and the bottom up. But the American people aren’t fooled. According to RealClearPolitics, Biden’s approval rating on the economy is a dismal 37.8 percent. And his approval rating on inflation is even worse at 33.6 percent. The majority of Americans disapprove of his handling of the economy.

Biden also made the claim that Americans don’t think about retirement when they’re younger. Well, according to a YouGov poll, 56 percent of Americans feel behind on saving for retirement. Retirement has become a luxury that many can’t afford. And it’s not just older Americans who are worried. Younger workers are now more concerned about emergency savings than retirement.

But Biden wants us to believe that he’s looking out for us. He wants to eliminate junk fees from retirement savings and protect consumers. Yet his administration has prioritized companies that comply with ESG standards, putting workers’ retirement savings at risk and leading to lawsuits from Republican states. How is that protecting us?

Biden ended his speech by talking about fairness and the American Dream. Well, the American people don’t think he’s delivering on that promise. Only 24.8 percent believe the country is going in the right direction, while a whopping 65.4 percent say it’s on the wrong track. His optimism is simply out of touch with reality.

So, no matter how many times Biden tries to sell his economic plan, the American people aren’t buying it. We can see through his empty promises and failed policies. It’s time for a leader who actually understands the needs and concerns of the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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