Biden’s EV Fantasy Stalls, Puts American Jobs in Danger!

The year is 2024, and of course, we all know what that means – election time! President Joe Biden is in full swing, trying to win over the American people with more empty promises and unachievable dreams. This time, it’s about American car manufacturers and the unions that represent their workers. You know, the same ones that dump tons of cash into the Democratic pockets.

The Biden administration is now looking to scale back its lofty goal of having 60 percent of all new cars be electric vehicles by 2030 in a misguided attempt to cut back on vehicle emissions. The current requirement even pushes for 67 percent of new cars to be electric by 2032. But hold on a second! That’s just not realistic! Trade groups and labor union representatives are sounding the alarm bells, and for good reason.

First off, the car industry just can’t pivot that quickly. Secondly, there are barely enough public charging stations to support that many electric vehicles. And most importantly, the American people just don’t want electric vehicles as much as Biden and his cronies wish they would. It’s like trying to make a kid eat broccoli when they want candy – it’s just not going to happen.

The United States was founded on free market principles, not a centrally planned economy like the ones favored by leftists. Can you imagine? President Biden and his crew need a reality check. And even though they may not want to admit it, they have to face the music and ditch their pipe dreams, at least until Nov. 5th rolls around.

According to Reuters, the Biden administration is planning to pump the brakes on their electric vehicle goals and align them more with what the United Auto Workers have been suggesting all along. The union has been advocating for a slower and more gradual approach to emissions limits, giving the industry and supply chains a chance to catch up.

John Bozzella, CEO of an automaker trade group called the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, is also on board with this more sensible approach. He’s calling for the market and supply chains to be given a chance to catch up, maintaining a customer’s ability to choose, and letting more public charging stations come online. It’s about time someone brought some common sense to the table!

The EPA’s proposed adjustment is currently under interagency review, and they claim it will be designed to be “readily achievable, secure reductions in dangerous air and climate pollution, and ensure economic benefits.” But come on, why didn’t they aim for those targets with their first rule? It just goes to show you how out of touch these bureaucrats are with reality.

Even left-leaning publications like The New York Times have noted cynically that this change is coming during an election year, when Biden is facing intense pressure to balance his anti-climate-change proposals with the support of unions. You see, Biden won Michigan in 2020 by the skin of his teeth, and he can’t afford to lose union support in 2024.

The truth is, Biden’s current polling numbers in Michigan aren’t looking too hot, and it’s no surprise. Michiganders are smart enough to see through his facade and realize that this shift by the EPA may just be too little, too late. After all, the initial proposal issued in 2023 was a better indicator of Biden’s long-term goals.

The bottom line is, it’s an uphill battle for Biden and his climate change crusade. The American people aren’t buying what he’s selling, and with an election around the corner, he’s playing a dangerous game. Will the EPA’s changes be enough to salvage his reputation with the auto industry and the unions? Only time will tell.



Written by Staff Reports

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