Biden’s Radical? GOP Finds Ally in Khan vs Big Tech

President Joe Biden’s White House has become a haven for left-wing radicals, appointing them left and right across the federal government. One such appointee, Lina Khan, the millennial chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has surprisingly been catching the eye of some conservative members of Congress. It’s like the saying goes, even the most unexpected alliances can form when it comes to taking on Big Tech.

Now, don’t get it twisted, Khan may not be a conservative herself, but she’s certainly not your typical leftist Biden appointee. Unlike many of her colleagues who seem more interested in pushing their own political agendas, Khan actually seems to care about reining in corporate power. It’s a refreshing change from the usual leftist virtue signaling we see these days. And, shockingly, some Republican lawmakers like Rep. Matt Gaetz and Sen. J. D. Vance have found common ground with her on these issues.

Khan made a name for herself back in 2017 with a groundbreaking paper that took aim at the monopoly power of Big Tech, particularly Amazon. She argued that these tech giants were not just your run-of-the-mill companies but wielded outsized influence across various sectors. This kind of thinking goes against the grain of the usual consumer welfare standards that have been the norm for decades. Basically, as long as prices stay low, regulators turn a blind eye to monopolistic behavior. But Khan is shaking things up by challenging this status quo.

As the head of the FTC, Khan has been relentless in her efforts to hold Big Tech accountable. She’s taken on giants like Meta, Microsoft, and of course, Amazon, using innovative legal strategies to prove illegal monopoly practices and privacy violations. Despite not always coming out on top in these battles, Khan’s bold approach is setting the stage for a shift in how we view antitrust laws.

Of course, not everyone is a fan of Khan’s aggressive tactics. Critics from the Chamber of Commerce to the Wall Street Journal warn of government overreach and fear a power grab by the FTC. But these concerns seem rooted in outdated thinking that prioritizes corporate interests over the welfare of consumers. It’s time for a change, and Khan is leading the charge.

While some Republicans may be wary of Khan’s methods, they would do well to recognize that she is actually aligning with many conservative principles. By standing up to Big Tech and pushing for greater accountability, Khan is championing an America First agenda that resonates with many on the right. It’s time for the GOP to embrace this new approach and use the power of the federal government to dismantle Big Tech’s stranglehold on society.

Lina Khan’s bold stance against corporate power should be commended, not condemned. She may not fit the mold of a typical conservative, but her efforts to hold Big Tech accountable align with many conservative values. It’s time for Republicans to join forces with Khan and work towards a future where monopolies are dismantled and free market principles are upheld. Let’s dismantle Big Tech and ensure a fair playing field for all.

Written by Staff Reports

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