Biden’s Skeletons Unearthed: Joe Rogan on Identical Trump Indictments

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan has joined the talk about the flood of charges against former President Trump right before the 2024 election season starts. During a recent episode of his show, the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan and his guest, Patrick Bet-David, talked about the timing of these charges and how President Biden is being treated differently than other people who are accused of wrongdoing. Rogan seemed to agree with the idea that Biden's leadership of the Department of Justice shows signs of a "banana republic."

Rogan says that people who back Trump think these indictments are nothing but a witch hunt and that none of the accusations are true. In fact, this makes them even more sure that Trump is being unfairly picked on. Rogan said that it was like what happens in a banana republic, where political opponents are arrested just to get rid of them.

Rogan then talked about how there are two different rules for classified papers. He said that classified papers belonging to President Biden had been found in many places around the country, including an office building in Philadelphia and Biden's own garage, where they had been left open to the public. Trump is also being charged with more than 40 felonies because of some boxes of papers that were kept in a locked room at Mar-A-Lago. Rogan can see that Biden should also be punished for the same crime.

Then, Rogan and Bet-David talked about claims that there will be voting fraud in the 2020 election. Both of the hosts agreed that there were some strange things going on. Rogan said that it's rare that there was no fraud at all, and he used the example of Arizona, where claims of fraud are being thrown out. He thinks there are real signs of fraud in that case.

Rogan ended by saying that he thought there were organised plans to change the election results. He said that there were problems with the voting machines, especially in Republican areas, and that he thinks there was a plan to make sure that certain people were chosen. Overall, Rogan's thoughts on these issues show how many Republicans worry about the fairness of our voting system.


Written by Staff Reports

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