Biden’s Solution to Border Crisis? Arm Schools with Narcan!

Border Patrol agents confiscated enough fentanyl in the year 2023 to knock out every American citizen, courtesy of President Biden’s open border policies. As a result, the White House is now urging schools to stock up on Narcan, an overdose-reversal drug, due to the rising number of fentanyl-related deaths among American children. In a letter addressed to school officials, President Biden and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona urged administrators to keep naloxone on hand and train teachers on how to administer it in case a student overdoses or gets poisoned by fentanyl.

Now, on the surface, this might seem like a reasonable suggestion to address a growing crisis. But let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Why are schools having to deal with fentanyl overdoses in the first place? Because of Biden’s border crisis. Illegal migrants, who often have cartel ties, are exploiting the chaos at the southern border to smuggle fentanyl into the interior of the country. And unfortunately, this deadly drug is finding its way into our schools.

Just last October, there were eight reported overdoses among students at Park View High School in Virginia, all linked to counterfeit oxycodone pills. This is just one example of the tragic consequences of Biden’s failed border policies. But instead of addressing the root cause of the problem, the White House is now asking schools to play the role of first responders.


It’s time for Biden to take responsibility for the fentanyl deaths that have increased by a staggering 22 percent since he took office. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has reported that fentanyl, which is far more potent than morphine and heroin, is being laced into various street drugs and counterfeit pills. And how is it getting into the United States? Through China, Mexico, and our wide-open southern border, thanks to Biden’s disastrous policies.

In the midst of this crisis, it’s important to remember that naloxone access alone won’t solve the problem. We need strong border security, a crackdown on drug cartels, and tougher immigration policies. It’s time for President Biden to prioritize the safety and well-being of American citizens over his misguided and reckless open border agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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