Biden’s Top Aide Gives CCP Golden Ticket to US Nuke Sites!

A top official in the Biden administration is facing backlash over reports that she invited representatives from the Chinese Communist Party and Russia to visit a critical U.S. national security location. Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and 18 other House Republicans are demanding answers from Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm after she allowed foreign enemies to tour the National Nuclear Security Administration site in Nevada, where sensitive nuclear experiments take place. The Department of Defense recently warned about China’s nuclear expansion, which surpasses previous U.S. projections.

Stefanik expressed concern that allowing China and Russia to have access to our nuclear test sites could potentially lead to our own annihilation. She called on President Biden to revoke the invitation and stated that granting our adversaries unprecedented access to our nuclear weapons tests will only help them improve their own capabilities and undermine America’s leadership. Congressman Doug Lamborn, who co-signed Stefanik’s letter, added that allowing foreign adversaries to view confidential U.S. nuclear testing activities would allow them to learn our methods and procedures, which would destroy deterrence.

Lamborn emphasized the importance of maintaining our national security advantage and criticized the Biden administration for allowing Russia and China to observe our nuclear weapons tests. He introduced an amendment to address the issue and prevent any further lapses in judgment. This invitation comes at a time when Russia has withdrawn from a nuclear arms control pact with the U.S. and passed legislation that removes them from a worldwide treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons testing. The State Department condemned these actions, as they reflect deteriorating relations between the two countries.

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