Bitcoin Jesus Arrested for Tax Evasion in Spain

A man named Roger Ver, also known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” was recently arrested in Spain for reportedly breaking the law by not paying taxes and lying on his tax returns, as stated by the Department of Justice. It is said that he cheated the IRS out of at least $48 million by not giving the true value of his companies and saying he did not have any bitcoins, even though he did.

Even though Ver gave up his U.S. citizenship in 2014, he still needed to follow American tax laws since his companies were in the United States. The Department of Justice claimed that Ver did not tell his accountant about selling his companies’ bitcoins in 2017. They also said that he sold a large amount of bitcoins for cash in the same year.

Ver got the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus” because he was very interested in bitcoins and got a lot of them for himself and his companies beginning in 2011. He was a big supporter of Bitcoin cash as well. The United States wants Spain to send Ver back so he can have a trial for what he has been accused of.

It is important to always follow the law and pay taxes because it helps the country run smoothly. People who do not pay their taxes are taking money away from important things like schools, roads, and safety. It is also not fair to everyone else who does their part and pays what they owe. Ver should face the consequences if he is found guilty of these crimes.

Written by Staff Reports

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