Blinken Bows to Beijing: Weak Stance Exposes U.S. as China’s Errand Boy!

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is facing criticism for his perceived lack of assertiveness in dealing with Chinese authorities, leading to accusations that President Joe Biden's administration is being overly accommodating to Beijing. Recent events, such as the spy balloon and the establishment of overseas "police stations" by China, as well as a warship near-miss and spying incident in Alaska, have demonstrated China's disrespect towards the United States and its policymakers. Instead of condemning these actions, President Biden has emphasized that the U.S. does not seek conflict with China.

Since the spy balloon incident, the U.S. has seemingly taken a submissive stance, with the National Security Council declaring that they were not investigating the matter and appearing to seek improved relations with China. Antony Blinken's actions have reinforced this perception of concession to Chinese authorities. His meeting with top Chinese diplomat Wang Yi, although described by Blinken as "candid and constructive," was viewed differently by the Chinese, who blamed America for the problems and criticized U.S. misperceptions towards China, calling for adherence to the one-China principle and opposition to Taiwan independence.

In subsequent statements, Blinken has taken a weak position on China, appearing to be held hostage and sacrificing Taiwan's interests. It is challenging to earn respect while continually bowing down to an unscrupulous authority like China. Nevertheless, it is crucial for Blinken and Biden's team to realize that America must stand firmly on its convictions to avoid being seen as easily manipulated or yielding to pressure.

Written by Staff Reports

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