Bongino Exposes Left’s Twisted Plot to Corrupt Kids: King Claps Back, Fails!

Popular conservative commentator Dan Bongino has sparked controversy after pointing out the left’s obsession with discussing sex with young children. In a tweet, Bongino mentioned how leftists are fixated on the subject of sex, including how to have it, different types of sex, and even sexual changes. He warned that this is not by accident but rather a part of their unholy plan to corrupt the minds of young children. Bongino lashed out at liberals for being passionate about the subject, adding that it is the “freakiest thing” he has ever seen.

However, his tweets caught the attention of Stephen King, a leftist author who attacked him, stating that he was the one with an unhealthy obsession with sex considering how he had used the word 10 times in a sentence. Bongino hit back at King, remarking, “Truth hurts. That’s why he writes fiction,” a reference to the author’s best-selling novels.

Liberals in America have been relentless in pushing LGBTQ and trans ideology on children, including through children’s shows, schools, books, and even “all ages” drag events. Conservatives are opposed to the influence that leftist views on sexuality wield on children. The debate continues over whether gender-transition measures such as cross-sex hormones, surgeries, and puberty blockers should be permitted for minors.

Dan Bongino’s remarks on liberals discussing sex with young children sparked a Twitter meltdown among liberals, showing how riled up they get when anyone challenges their narrative. The left’s campaign to force sexual education on children through various mediums is indicative of a sick and depraved agenda. Bongino warned Americans to be wary of leftist views on sexuality, saying that they pose a danger to the moral fabric of society.

Source: Daily Fetched

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