SPLC Targets Moms for Liberty as “Anti-Student”& Extreme – The True Story

The SPLC, which is a left-wing extremist organization, has labeled the organization that focuses on protecting parents' rights as an extremist and an anti-government group in its annual report released on Tuesday.

According to the SPLC, the group known as Moms for Liberty engages in various tactics, such as intimidating educators and school officials. It also labels teachers' unions as terrorist organizations, criticizes companies such as Disney, and pushes for bills that critics don't like, like the "Don't Say Gay" law. Moreover, the group rewards individuals who identify teachers who violate the recently enacted CRT laws.

The SPLC claimed to have endorsed over 270 candidates for school board in the 2022 mid-term election. They also stated that they would recruit mothers to serve as watchdogs for 13,000 school districts. They also claimed to have thwarted 17 local school boards in their efforts to safeguard parental rights.

The group was founded in January 2021 by three women: Bridget Ziegler, Tiffany Justice, and Tina Descovich. It has over 200 branches across the country and aims to advocate for family values and education. It doesn't agree with the content of left-wing curriculum, such as the teaching of LGBTQ+ topics and Critical Race Theory. Instead, it encourages parents to have age-appropriate discussions.

Although the group emphasizes its non-partisan nature, it is clear that its conservative principles align with those of the Republican Party. As a result, the organization has been able to reach out to young mothers and engage them in its activities.

The members of Moms for Liberty are also actively involved in school board elections. They seek policies that uphold their principles and missions while protecting educational institutions from ideological influences that could negatively affect the rights of parents.

Critics have labeled the group as extremists, yet it still focuses on empowering parents, promoting educational choice, and ensuring that the curriculum conforms to American values. The attack by the left-wing organization highlights the conflict between the government and the people who decide what's taught in schools across the country.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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