BREAKING: Democrats Threaten to DEFUND Supreme Court

The left wing’s obsession with radicalizing law and order has reached new levels as they seek to rip the nation’s highest judicial body apart, starting with their smear campaign against conservative justices. Despite the Supreme Court’s recent important decision to overturn the brutal and immoral Roe v. Wade, Democrats were quick to threaten defunding the court unless they agree to a new code of ethics. This treacherous political blackmail is unacceptable, and Republicans are the only ones standing against this hostile takeover.

Josh Hawley, the Missouri Republican Senator, bravely made sure that the Democrats’ dirty tactic was called out during a Judiciary Committee hearing. “Do what we want, or we’ll deny you security,” is what the Democrats are cornering the Supreme Court with, even as it is in the middle of a historically important regime for conservative values. Democrats are holding the Supreme Court hostage, and they will stop at nothing to squash and demoralize conservatives and their principles.

Justice Samuel Alito’s words in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal prove that the court’s concerns are legitimate. It feels like he has to be always with his protection, driving around in “basically a tank.” These Democrats and their intolerant base have already attempted to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and now are blackmailing the court just to meet their political objectives.

The Democrats’ demands to the Supreme Court are coming in the wake of accusations against conservative Justice Clarence Thomas, who was carelessly accused of taking expensive vacations with a conservative foundation. Meanwhile, Democrats have long ignored similar unethical behaviour by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. When the liberal justice donated a signed copy of one of her decisions to the National Organization for Women (NOW) Legal Defense Fund to sell at a fundraiser, there wasn’t an outburst of objections as Noah Feldman of Bloomberg reported.

It is time for Lindsey Graham to speak out as much as he can to expose the Democrats’ biased standards. Despite the calls for the Supreme Court to follow new ethical standards, it is clear that the left wing media is not interested in fairness or a balanced approach to justice. As Graham has pointed out, when it suits their agenda, by all means, break ethical rules or ignore them entirely, but when it doesn’t, howl in outrage and accusation. Conservatives need to respond firmly to these double standards that Democrats are using to try to create their oppressive regime and pay attention to what is happening around them.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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