BREAKING: McCarthy To Release 14,000 Hours Of J6 Footage

According to Kevin McCarthy, the House speaker, the new Republican majority in Congress will push to release all of the security footage from January 6.

Some legal experts claim that the security footage from that day could contain evidence that could help exonerate certain individuals who were detained by the Biden Administration due to their nonviolent activities.

After Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida claimed that he would support releasing the footage, McCarthy confirmed that he would support its release.

According to McCarthy, "the public should be able to see the events that occurred on that day. He criticized House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for her actions during that period."

"The House speaker noted that the public should be allowed to see the events that happened on that day. He also criticized the political nature of the report that was written about the incident."

One of the holdouts in Congress who voted for McCarthy, Paul Gosar, stated that the release of the security footage would represent another promise that the new speaker would keep.

The decision by McCarthy to support the release of the security footage is a far cry from Nancy Pelosi's previous approach, which was to hide the information about the incident from the public.

In December, a report revealed that the former Democratic-controlled Congress under Pelosi tried to keep the security footage from being released to the public.

Aside from helping to exonerate some of the individuals detained on that day, some experts claim that the footage could also reveal the actions of undercover federal agents. These individuals have been suspected of participating in or even encouraging the violence that occurred that day.

The House of Representatives is expected to launch a subcommittee led by Congressman Jim Jordan to investigate the use of the federal government's weapons. This move could provide the public with more information regarding the possible involvement of undercover agents.

The panel, which was one of the concessions made by Gaetz and his fellow holdouts for McCarthy, will also look into how the government uses social media platforms such as Twitter to facilitate attacks against Americans.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Valient News.

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