DeSantis Hits Back At White House Over His National Guard Deployment

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, was angered by the White House's suggestion that the activation of the National Guard was a political stunt in response to the increasing number of illegal boat landings in the state.

DeSantis has been criticizing the Biden Administration's failure to protect the state's borders. He criticized the White House for failing to deploy the National Guard and made it clear that he would protect the state regardless of what happened. He noted that national security should not be taken lightly, especially with the war on drugs in full swing.

After White House press secretary, Jean-Pierre, said that the activation of the Florida National Guard was a political stunt, DeSantis responded.

Let’s see KJP’s attack on Florida’s use of national guard troops.

During a press briefing, DeSantis said that the Coast Guard asked for help in addressing the illegal boat landings in the state, which is why the National Guard was activated.

The incident that led to this dispute was the massive number of illegal immigrants landing on Florida's shores.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Florida Keys had seen over 500 Cuban immigrants land on its shores over the weekend. This is the latest example of how the increasing number of immigrants is affecting the US' border agencies.

But an unknown number have made it to land and will probably get to stay.

The massive number of immigrants that landed on Florida's shores has caused the governor of the state to issue a massive response.

The governor of Florida has issued a strong rebuke to the White House, calling out the lack of initiative and resources to protect the state's borders. He also criticized the press secretary for her comments about the deployment of the National Guard.

He stated that the state should deploy the National Guard to protect its borders, not "just for some political stunt." It is time for the Biden Administration to show more seriousness and take the necessary steps to stop the illegal immigration coming into the country.

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