Byron Donalds Shreds DOJ on Cover-Up Leak: Democracy in Peril!

During an interview with Mark Levin, Byron Donalds, a representative from Florida, criticized the Department of Justice and the press. He claimed that the agency was leaking information to the media in an attempt to influence public opinion. Donalds also took issue with the press' biased coverage of the Biden family.

In response to the media's failure to reveal the details of Jack Smith's activities, Donalds criticized the reporters for following him to Subway so that he could take photos. He also accused the Smith's team of leaking information in order to manipulate the public's perception of him.

Donalds didn't hold back when talking about the Democrats, denouncing their disregard for democracy and hypocrisy. He claimed that the party is destroying the country's democracy.

The topic of the Democrats' refusal to accept the results of the presidential elections was also brought up by Donalds. He accused the party of orchestrating cover-ups and interference in recent elections. He noted instances such as their attempt to criminalize the act, as well as their lies to FISA courts regarding the Biden laptop scandal.

Donalds noted that the actions of the Democrats have been detrimental to the country, as they seek power and are institutionalizing their agenda. He claimed that their Green New Deal is bad for America and will eventually be used against it by other nations, such as China.

In his interview, Donalds exposed what he believed to be bias and a breakdown of democracy occurring within the media, the Democratic Party, and the Department of Justice.

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