CBS Calls Biden “Ex-President” While Hawaii Burns!

Oh boy, you won’t believe what CBS News did this time! They made a hilarious blunder when reporting on the Camp David summit between South Korea, Japan, and good ol’ Joe Biden. Can you guess what they did? They referred to Biden as a “former president”! Now, if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Wait a minute, when did Biden become a former president?” I mean, come on, CBS News, get your facts straight.

But fear not, dear readers, CBS eventually issued a correction, although we all know that screenshots are forever. The summit itself was all about strengthening the ties between these three nations. President Biden, who is very much still our president, announced a trilateral agreement with the leaders of Japan and South Korea to deepen their security and economic commitments. It’s all about regional cooperation and taking on those pesky belligerent North Koreans and the ever-threatening China.

Now, while all this summit talk is dandy, I have a burning question for you: When is Biden going to visit Hawaii? The beautiful island of Maui has recently suffered from the deadliest wildfire in a century, with over a hundred people dead and still a thousand missing. It’s a tragedy, and it will take months to fully assess the damages and loss of life. However, what we need are hearings and investigations into the disaster response from state officials and Hawaiian Electric, the leading power company in the state.

Here’s the shocking part, folks. It turns out that Hawaiian Electric actually knew about the risks of cutting off power to lines exposed to high winds, which is exactly what happened right before the fire. It’s believed that a hurricane off the coast damaged these power lines and triggered the devastating blaze. Now, I don’t know about you, but it seems like Hawaiian Electric dropped the ball big time here. They had the information and the means to prevent this tragedy, yet they failed to act.

It’s moments like these when we need strong leadership and accountability. So, CBS News, maybe instead of making silly mistakes about Biden being a former president, you should be shedding some light on the failures of organizations like Hawaiian Electric. The people of Hawaii deserve answers, and they deserve a president who is actively working to prevent future disasters. Let’s hope Biden focuses on those crucial issues, instead of getting caught up in fancy summits.

Written by Staff Reports

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