Chinese bank delivers Hunter Biden evidence to GOP

A recent report by Fox Business has revealed that a Chinese-American financial institution, Cathay Bank, willingly provided Republican lawmakers with information relating to Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings. The move is being hailed as an attack by the Chinese government on President Joe Biden. According to Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, the Communist Party controls Cathay Bank, and thus, the bank’s cooperation is not surprising.

Johnson stated that the records given by Cathay Bank corroborate the material obtained by the House Oversight Committee from Treasury Department, revealing that Hunter Biden received $1 million from a Chinese energy firm named CEFC. The revelations make it evident that Hunter Biden shared the Chinese money with his uncle Jim Biden and his sister-in-law Hallie Biden.

Johnson further explained that the information provided by Cathay Bank was to signal that China has personal leverage over President Joe Biden. It’s a shot across Biden’s bow, telling him that they have some information on him. The move exposed China’s deep-rooted intent to intervene in American politics and influence American politicians.

After Johnson’s statement, Cathay Bank spokesman Ian Campbell denied claims of any Chinese government control. Campbell explained that the bank was founded more than sixty years ago by a US citizen and serves American communities as a bank with over $20 billion in assets and more than 60 branches in nine states. He added that Cathay Bank is neither owned nor affiliated with the Chinese government in any way.

The incident has raised significant concerns over the Biden family’s shady business dealings that involve undue government influence and intervention from hostile foreign countries. President Biden’s silence on the matter has only added fuel to the fire, raising doubts as to whether he is hiding something or is merely incompetent. Nonetheless, Republican lawmakers are committed to exposing the truth behind the matter and ensure that justice is duly served.

Written by Staff Reports

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